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           The King  of Voices...

  Thanks for stopping by to learn more about TJ's Dinner Show. It is the culmination of 30 years in the entertainment industry.  It brings back the elegance and refinement of the "Rat Pack" era where men dressed up and women dressed.....well,...nicer than the men!  Sports jackets, button down collared shirts, evening gowns, it all fits in at TJ's Dinner Show.
(sorry, no sandals, shorts or t-shirts allowed)
  Show up around 6:30. Enjoy a glass of tea, wine or a cold beer. Start dinner at 7 pm. Visit with other guests you may be seated with, or enjoy the company of friends that came with you.  8 p.m. the lights go down and you are entertained by one of the best vocal impersonators and comedians in the country!

  Click on "TJ's Dinner Show" below for reservations. At this time we cannot support "walk-ups".  Reservations only. Thank you.